These are just a few of the issues this campaign will tackle over the next few years. The Marton for District Attorney campaign believes the principle that those closest to the problem are closest to the solution, and we will work with community partners to generate our policy agenda. 

End Mass Incarceration

  • Reduce the Number of Manhattanites in Jail by 80%. We will set the most ambitious decarceration goal in the country. By declining to prosecute most low-level offenses, expanding diversion and restorative justice programs, and properly implementing bail reform, we will dramatically shrink the number of Manhattanites incarcerated pre-trial.
  • End the War on Drugs: The War on Drugs is racist and wasteful. We will work with stakeholders across the City to change drug laws and enforcement practices.
  • Fairness in Sentencing: Our District Attorney’s office will end charge stacking and other coercive plea bargaining practices, stop seeking sentences longer than 20 years, and review overly punitive sentences from past administrations. Rather than reflexively opposing parole applications, we will seek to reunite families who have been long separated by prison.

Political Corruption

  • Investigate Crooked Politicians: We will use the full power of the District Attorney’s office to investigate powerful political interests including the Trump Administration, without fear or favor.
  • Investigate “Pay to Play”: We will investigate and pursue individuals, companies and special interest groups that seek to corrupt our state and local politics.
  • Practice Ethical Campaign Finance: Our campaign will refuse contributions from the real estate industry, legal defense firms with clients before the District Attorney’s office, or other donors whose ethics don’t align with our own.
  • Stand Up for Survivors: We will create a safe and welcoming environment for survivors of sexual assault, no matter how powerful the perpetrator.
  • Protect Innocent Defendants: We promise to protect the innocent from being railroaded. To this end, we will re-open the cases of Linda Fairstein, who oversaw the Central Park Five prosecution. We will also review past wrongful convictions to create stronger safeguards for the future. 
  • Police Accountability: We will investigate any public servant who violates the public trust, including police commanders and officers. Moreover, we will strive to improve police integrity in the criminal legal process by keeping officers with questionable histories from testifying.
  • Protect Immigrants: As the proud son of immigrant parents, Marton will use the power of the District Attorney’s office to protect immigrants and break up the deportation pipeline. That means every department in the office will consider the immigration consequences of its prosecutions and be trained on practices that both keep our communities safe and keep families together. 


Economic Justice

  • Protect Workers from Wage Theft: A priority of this administration will be to aggressively protect workers, especially undocumented workers, from the scourge of wage theft.
  • Protect Tenants. Our District Attorney’s office will protect Manhattan tenants from unscrupulous and predatory landlord practices, and the new rent laws will be fiercely enforced.
  • Support Safe Sex Work. Sex workers should be able to work without fear for their safety or fear of arrest. We will work with community stakeholders on a path to decriminalization.
  • Fight Corporate Crime: We will expand the Major Economic Crimes Unit to increase enforcement against corporate offenders, particularly in the financial industry.


Mental Health Solutions

  • End Solitary Confinement. Solitary confinement is torture. Torture creates and/or exacerbates mental health issues. Under our administration, Manhattan defendants will be governed by United Nations “Mandela” standards.
  • Fund Innovative and Successful Programs: Our office will work with community-based partners to create interventions and off-ramps from the criminal legal system into supportive environments for people struggling with mental health issues, using our resources on successful programs with proven track records, as well as innovative programs for people with serious mental illnesses.



  • Invest in Communities: We know that the best way to promote public safety is to invest in our communities. We will use asset forfeiture funds and money saved from reductions in detention to support young people whose lives become entangled in the criminal legal system, as well as community-driven restorative justice programs.
  • Advocate for Justice in Albany: We will be vocal champions of decarceration and racial justice legislation in Albany. On Day 1, we will pull Manhattan out of the District Attorneys Association of New York. DAASNY has long been a special state-level interest group for punitive policies and unfettered prosecutorial power, a group that Vance and other NYC District Attorneys have let do their political dirty work.
  • Release Data: We will break through the opacity of the criminal legal system by using open and transparent data practices. We will regularly publish robust statistics on case outcomes and plea bargains.
  • Establish a Community Advisory Board: We will build a community board of formerly incarcerated people, survivors of crime, law enforcement and other impacted people so that we may effectively respond to new and urgent concerns from community members, while also providing the public with desired information regarding our office’s practices.